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Bloom's Chicago Garden and Landscape Service


Landscape Maintenance Chicago Garden Landscaope Design

Here are some gorgeous garden combinations that our designers put together with these important design features for some of our clients' needs: 1) Low Maintenance 2) Sustainable 3) Eco-Friendly 4) Long Lasting 5) Luxurious!

container garden landscape accent: brass copper window planter with gorgeous yucca, gold cypress, begonia, and more.


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Bloom's Spring Container Garden Design

Bloom's Spring Container Garden Design


Crocuses break ground followed by grape hyacinths to signal that spring has finally arrived. While the west coast have an early start with spring plantings, we here in the Midwest eagerly await the moment that our trowels can completely slice thru our ground garden soil.

Shortly after the tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths… we start to see the emergence of precious new growth from our lovely gardens in the forms of trees and shrubs that have patiently waited for “show time,” since the beginning of their dormancy phase towards late fall from the season prior.

The Bloom team challenges viewers to fuse tradition and integrate contemporary stylings with how we approach gardening and landscape design elements. In this segment, I chose to focus on three (3) garden check point items everyone should have in order to put their best foot forward towards a successful gardening season:


  • Spring Cleanup and Organization: Have you raked up the final batch of leaves and debris that continued to fall even when it was too cold to rake during this past winter? Doing this now will allow the soil to breath and prevent fungus/mold, plant diseases, and harmful insect infestations to occur; all of these can attack fragile young foliage that are slowly coming up from their winter nap.


  • Preparing last season’s containers  or newly acquired containers, and your, “what not to do list,” this list is an important tool that will continue to build your success with container garden combinations if you remember what gave you the most success when you grew it the year before; This is great way to grow from your own experiences. Help the environment and cut back on waste à use old containers or smaller plastic containers you get from the market for small annuals/perennials that you may use for containers to fill the bottom of large pots so that you don’t have to consume so much soil when topping them off. Doing so will save you significant amounts of money on new potting soil purchases, while keeping large planters less weighty and more manageable so that you are free to move and reposition them as you are please throughout the year.


  • Try new plant combinations… whether it be in your container garden or landscape. What will it be this year for you? A) new color combination with plants you will grow, B) new plant varieties and hybrids that have recently been introduced, or C) new planter choices that will create a more dramatic feel and entryway for your home or business. In all instances… good luck and be on the lookout for our next garden segment to help you grow your garden skills with the Tu Bloom team!



Work with our Sr. Designers to individualize and beautify your backyard, patio, deck, home or business! Don't settle for less. Invest, and watch your container garden come to fruition!


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