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Indoor Houseplant Container Garden Designs

Here are some gorgeous indoor container garden combinations that our designers put together with these important design features for our clients:

1) Low Maintenance

2) Low Lighting

3) Low Watering

4) Long Lasting

5) Luxurious!



CORRECT SOIL + RIGHT PLANT FOR THAT SOIL = Beautiful, Lush, Healthy Houseplants!

While most people struggle to find a miracle cure (i.e. ways to water, how much to water, how much light a plant needs) as to why their houseplants don't look so good - here's a simple tip to START things off right with any new plants you buy. Research your plants! Find out what type of soil it will do well in, and either mix that perfect combination yourself or go to nearest home/garden center and buy premixed soil for just a few bucks!

If you start out right.. you won't have to stress out your plant or yourself later down the line :) 


Low Light: Indoor Container Garden Designs by Tu Bloom   Miniature Indoor Container Garden Designs by Tu BLOOM
Mini Containers Garden Designs by Tu BLOOM   Indoor Gardening by Tu Bloom

Indoor Garden & Floral Designs by Tu BLOOM


Indoor Garden Designs by Tu Bloom in Hand Etched Dragon Container




Rectangular Window Box Indoor Planter


Classic Urn with Handle Indoor Garden Design






Indoor LOW LIGHT Design by Tu BLOOM  

Officescape Indoor Garden Design






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