From Our Clients

"Tu is fantastically talented and has an eye for detail. His creative talent in botanical design and entrepreneurial ambition are exceptional ... his keen listening skills positions him to meet and exceed his clients expectations." -- Marian

"Absolutely Stunning! Gorgeous Work!" -- Elton J.

"Tu's talent and passion in landscape design is amazing. He is definitely the stand out leader in his profession and is driven to provide outstanding service. No one is more committed to the client than Tu, and he can be counted on to bring his best to every situation." -- S.R.

"Tu is a magician with gardening... he just knows what works." Tina V.

"Beautiful designs. Enjoy seeing the seasonal changes with the unique combinations your team executes." -- Vicki M.

"Absolutely beautiful designs. Always willing to give helpful tips. Wonderful people!" -- Tammy

"His Designs are unconventional, unique, and absolutely brilliant! A masterpiece each season that he designs for me!"-- S. Hawkins

"His designs are the show stoppers." -- Karen B.

"Don't Like....but LOVE the creations Tu puts together." -- Lash Fary

"Wow, Wow, Wow!" -- Denise L

"His art is amazing, and his planting skills are beyond great!" -- Theo D.

"Innovative & Luxurious is just the least that is to be said about these gorgeous designs!" -- D. Wetzel

"He's the best kept Secret in Chicago!" -- Daniel S. -

"When he finished... the designs were so pretty and perfect looking that I thought they were fake. Unbelievable work he does!" --Sarah P.

"DESIGNS by TUBLOOM are breathtaking!" -- D. Kuna

"Tu's Gift for design and passion for gardening shows clearly by his outstanding work!" -- Marian A.

"In the 17 years that I have lived in my neighborhood and this building, your designs have made it the BEST it has looked in years! Thank you for all that you do. The strong passion you have for your work truly shows~"-- C.G.

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