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Chicago Landscape Spring Garden Designs

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Chicago Landscape Spring Garden Designs

Chicago Landscape Spring Garden Designs



Picture of an Aqua-Terrium™ by Tu Bloom

Chicago Terrarium Designs by Chicago Landscape Artist Tu Bloom

  • What are Plant Terrariums: is defined as a miniature (small to medium container) with landscapes (some enclosed and others not) containing botanicals and sometimes small reptiles and various other animals.


  • Benefits of having a plant terrariums:
  • It’s the ultimate green hobby for the space conscious gardener
  • Perfect escape for those in colder climates during the winter
  • An ideal home décor that has grown to be very popular
  • Aesthetically pleasing & low maintenance
  • Functional in home or office and has the flexibility of being relocated in seconds with little .



  • Ivy
  • Variegated spider fern
  • Moss (Irish or Scottish)
  • Pothos
  • Succulents (water less to prevent rot)
  • Orchids (miniature varieties)
  • African Violets (miniature varieties)
  • Croton
  • Allocasia (miniature varieties)
  • Palms ((miniature varieties)
  • Rex Begonias (miniature varieties)
  • Baby’s tears
  • Succulents work well also
  • Choose Plants that compliments your existing setting where you plant to the have the terrariums. Consider lighting, the color scheme of the room where you plant to have the piece, and how warm it will be consistently.


  • GOOD SOIL and drainage: Creates Drainage by Adding coarse stone pepples and charcoal to the bottom to help keep your terrariums looking good .
  • Lighting requirements will be based on your home/office and the plant varieties you choose. If possible rotate your terrarium once every few months will ensure even growth and that all the plants are receiving equal amounts of lighting. Succulent terrariums like a lot of lighting, but will go a while without needing light... this makes them great for office environments. Just simply introduce them back to a bright window once in a while for a week or two to help them replenish their energy with the sunlight.
  • Moderated to Little WATERING: equals More Lush & Vibrant Terrariums. Water your terrariums only when the soil or moss feels dry. Since most of the glass enclosures recycle the water that is evaporated back into the terrariums (especially those that are enclosed)… touch the soil surface to see if your terrarium needs water before adding any.
  • Like all landscapes… minimal pruning is recommended when plants are actively growing beyond the containment point of your terrarium(s). Personal preference is a factor, so you be the judge. Happy Planting!




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