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Chicago Landscape Spring Garden Designs


Chicago Landscape Spring Garden Designs


Chicago Landscape Spring Garden Designs



 Creative Garden Use of Everyday Products Around Your Home.
 Proper Usage of Aged/Reclaimed Materials
 Sustainable Indoor Plants that really thrives indoors.

At the onset of a new year we must remind ourselves that all the resources necessary to creating your own indoor or outdoor garden escape is within reach everyone alike. All you need is an imaginative touch and a willingness to think outside of what is to be considered the norm of garden planters/practices. We find that the following items are a must when attempting to create a repurposed planter:

 Plastic/pvc liner
 new/sterilized potting soil
 time release plant fertilizer
 pea gravel/Styrofoam/or lava rocks

Drainage is important and needs to be considered when creating your repurposed planter(s). If you are situating your planter indoors, you will need to consider either a catch basin/dish to protect the surfaces in which you’re going to place the repurposed planter(s). We recommend lining any/all interior surfaces of the item that you are using for your planter where soil will come in contact with. In addition to fertilizer, we also suggest using new or pre-sterilized soil to ensure the health of your plants that you will be using in your repurposed planter(s). If you’re using old soil, a quick way to sterilized your soil is to place the amount you will use securely in a foil pan. Secure foil over the top and bake the soil at 350 degree Fahrenheit for at least 30 minutes (this should get rid of any disease/pests harboring within the soil).

For planters that don’t have drainage holes for indoor usage, add pea gravel or lava rock at the bottom before adding soil to create some drainage to help ensure the plants’ root system are safe from being waterlogged (overwatering is a common mistake with planters that do not have drainage holes, so be mindful of how much water you give these plants).
Remember that if you are going to repaint or resurface certain items that lead-paint dust can become airborne when old paint is stripped from surfaces in preparation for repainting.

Old or new, please take special precautions when working in an area or with items that may contain lead paint.

There are a lot of resources on the web to get creative ideas on how to repurpose materials around your home into innovative gardening uses. Here are a few links that are resourceful:

1) Re-Nest.com
2) Apartmenttheraphy.com
3) Poetichome.com
4) fthats.wordpress.com




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