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Focus: Indoor Gardening
Discussion Topics:

  • Keeping Holiday Garden Gifts going year-after-year.

(re-flowering Poinsettia Flowering Plants)

Amaryllis and Poinsettias are among some of the most common indoor garden gifts people share with one another throughout the holiday season. The holiday season wouldn’t be complete however, without a wide array of poinsettias that pop with vibrant red and green in contrast to our traditional holiday décor; like the Amaryllis, these too are now available in a variety of colors and flowering forms (i.e. curly leaves, variegated, tri-colored, etc.).

While the economy is at a steady climb to recuperate from our “recession,” here are some easy to follow instructions on how to easily keep your indoor holiday favorites blooming year after year! Like most garden projects that you get really good at… this re-flowering project with your indoor holiday plants will almost seem automated as you realize how effortless it can be. Re-Flowering a Poinsettia: After the holiday season, continue watering your plant as per your regular routine (keep the soil moist, not wet, and be sure not to let the plant sit in water to avoid root rot). Set the plant aside in a location away from full sun but with some adequate (4-6hrs) of indirect lighting source. The colorful portion of the plant that flowers are referred to as “bracts.” When these begin to lose their color and fade (usually around March-April), complete cut the plant down to approximately 6-8” depending on how large your plant was to begin (with “tree form” poinsettia, measure 6-8” from the top of the main growth of the plant where all the branching begins and prune there). Keep watering the plant as per your routine (be careful not to overwater or allow the plant to sit in water can cause rotting of their root system). When outdoor temperature is consistently 55F and you have the space… bring the plant outside. A suitable location outdoors for your poinsettia should still only get indirect lighting or early morning sun (never afternoon sun and onwards as the heat is much too intense and can injure the plant). Once you have found a suitable location for your plant… you’ll almost immediately notice the quick and progressive onset of new growth for the coming season’s color display for your poinsettia. It is advised (although not necessary during your first season) that the plant be repotted into a larger pot that is no more than 2-3” larger than the original planter that the plant was in. Like most flowering plant varieties, feed your poinsettia with a balanced plant food every 2-4 weeks to help with proper flower formation. If the plant is outdoor, remember to bring your plant in to protect it from dropping fall temperatures that is below 55F. When October arrives… choose a two week period where you will have to isolate your poinsettia plant from receiving any form of light source approx. 14-16hours per day (even the littlest can slow or completely interrupt the re-flowering of your plant). I always think of this part as detention for my poinsettias! Tough loving is key… and extremely important for your babies to produce their next set of flowers! Brown paper bags, shipping boxes, dark room… are all good examples of where your plant can be without light exposures for the 14-16hr time period during the two weeks. Just make sure that the space is “breathable” or well ventilated, and night temperature are ideally between 60-70F. After your poinsettia has successfully completed its “detention,” period in complete darkness for two weeks, situate your plant in a location of your home that will allow the plant to receive 6-8hours of bright sunlight each day (make sure that you do not have your plant near heated vents or areas where temperature fluctuates frequently… these conditions are usually not ideal for any indoor houseplants in general). Continue your normal watering routine for the poinsettia, and fertilize as recommended from this point forward and your poinsettia plant will promisingly reward you with tons of new colorful flowers (in about 1-2months) for a more fabulous holiday season to come!

More of a visual person when it comes to directions? No problem. Click on the illustration below to see detailed step-by-step instructions complete with monthly timelines for your convenience :)

Reflowering Poinsettia Diagram

For additional information on recommended houseplants that work well in extreme conditions (i.e. drought, high heat, no sun, full sun, etc.) or Interior Plant Design Services; Visit us on the web at www.TuBloom.com, email your questions to info@tubloom.com, or call (888)802-2566.




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