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Chicago Landscape Spring Garden Designs


Chicago Landscape Spring Garden Designs


Fall Garden Checkup & Maintenance
Autumn is an excellent time to landscape and provides for an abundant amount of container garden colors creatively reinventing use for traditional fall garden flowers & vegetables to bring a splash to color to any outdoor living space. Here are some fall garden tips & reminders to ensure you take full advantage of your outdoor fall garden experience.

  1. FIRST FROST: Always keep an eye out for the first frost date in your local region. In Chicago, we can usually anticipate this date to be around October 15th give or take a few days. It is important to know this date because if you have plants that you want to overwinter indoors, you should do so beforehand to avoid frost damage that can occur with some tropical indoor houseplants not native to our region.
  2. GARDEN  BARGAINS: Evaluate your garden layout and see if there are any changes you’d like to make (i.e. transplanting, perennial division, garden restructuring, etc.), because this cool season is similar to spring in that it is an ideal period to get all this completed. Nursery vendors, tree farms, and other related greenhouse operations are always looking to move out the last of their plant stocks, so incredible deals are everywhere! If you’ve had a landscaping project in mind and have been budget conscious, fall is a great time to save, plant, and maximize your property’s investment with landscape improvements. For a free garden estimate in the chicagoland area and neighboring suburbs, you can submit your request right online by visiting www.TuBloom.com or call (888)802-BLOOM[2566]
  3. FALL CONTAINER GARDENS Try a new combination with your container garden recipes, and expand your summer colors to enjoy every minute of outdoor gardening during this autumn season. Creative usage of colorful veggies and cool season annuals can bring life to any pot, patio, or balcony alike. Visiting your local garden center or a nearby public botanical garden display will give you tons of ideas on what types of vegetables and flowers you can use. What has been popularized in the past with fall container gardening are the usage of cabbage, kale, ornamental peppers, pansies, and much more. F
  4. WINTERIZING GARDEN: Preparations should be taken to over winter existing and or new perennial trees, shrubs, & flowers. Where appropriate, cut back dead or dying stems, leaves, flowers and other debris so that you can mulch over your plants to provide them with a nice blanket to protect the root system from those severe freezing temperatures during our harsh winter months here in the Midwest. Important Note Regarding Evergreens: Always remember to avoid pruning or cutting back evergreens (i.e. boxwoods, yews, etc.) at least 6 weeks prior to the first frost.


  1. FINAL FALL FEEDING A final application of slow release fertilizer for both your lawn and garden is usually recommended to help boost a stronger root system for higher sustainability during the winter months to come. If you have a lawn, winterizing is important to maintain a healthy and full lawn for each consecutive year. Consult your local garden center or landscape company on what products they would suggest for the type of grass that you have in your lawn. Take special precaution to hire a professional landscaper to administer these lawn products if you are unsure of how to do it yourself. If you’re an experience gardener and will be applying the product yourself… be sure to always read and adhere to the manufacturers’ directions, application guide, and all applicable warnings respectively. For additional questions please visit us at www.TuBloom.com or contact a local Master Gardener Association in your area.






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